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Claiming! :D [30 Mar 2007|08:38pm]

Hello. I would like to claim the following all from Fullmetal Alchemist.


Thanks much!! :D
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[17 Sep 2005|12:55pm]

I'd like to claim
Alias theme song
Teen Titans theme song
and "Call me, Beep me" from Kim Possible
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[06 Sep 2005|09:52pm]
[ mood | blah ]

May I claim Tobira no Mukou he from Fullmetal Alchemist? and in the userinfo by Shinjitsu no shi my username is inugurl1391 not nugurl1391!

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Yay claiming song-niss [14 Aug 2005|07:53pm]

I would like to claim the following songs (since there are aloud three)

Fullmetal Alchemist's READY STEADY GO by L'arc-en-ciel
Last EXILE's Cloud Age Symphony by Shuntaro Okino
Record of Lodoss War's Kiseki no Umi
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[29 Jul 2005|10:52am]
Hello! I would like to claim the theme from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!, which is called "Sore Ga, Ai Deshou," and also the theme from the first series, Full Metal Panic!, "Tomorrow." Thank you! :D
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I would lke to claim [07 Jul 2005|08:53pm]

Cowboy Bebop - Tank
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie - Ask DNA (if thats alright)
Farscape Season 3

Im also doing some shameless self promoting. Come join the community where you can claim any aspect of the farscape universe! scapersnurch
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[24 Jun 2005|05:38pm]

I would like to claim the theme song to Alias please! Thank You!
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[04 Jun 2005|11:21am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'd like to claim the Theme music to

01. Stargate Atlantis
02. Stargate SG-1
03. LOST

Thank you.

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[26 Feb 2005|06:13am]
I wish to claim:

"A Cruel Angel's Thesis" (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
"Whatever it Takes" (Degrassi: The Next Generation)
"Give a Reason" (Slayers)
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[17 Jan 2005|02:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

can I claim READY STEADY GO! of the the full metal alchemist 2nd opening.

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[12 Jan 2005|06:44pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Claims are...

Saved By The Bell (dont know the name..if there is one)
Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica (This I Swear, by Nick Lachey)

thanks <3

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[03 Jan 2005|12:07am]

i'm giving up my claims. thank you~
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[28 Nov 2004|05:14pm]

Can I please claim....
~7th Heaven Theme Song
~Bug Juice Theme Song
~ "I dont Want To Wait", the Dawsons Creek Theme Song

Thanks so much! <3
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New! [11 Nov 2004|12:25am]

[ mood | silly ]

I'm new here and would like to claim the theme from My So-Called Life.

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Claim a theme [17 Oct 2004|10:58pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Can I claim Phantasm's 1979 theme ?
and X-Files theme ?

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[03 Oct 2004|03:30pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

hiya... cool community ^^;; we all know there are great theme songs out there! so i'd like to claim the two ending themes "Ano Hi no GoGo" and "Afureru Yuujou ga Tomachinai" from the anime YuGiOh... [that is if it hasn't already been claimed]

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[19 Sep 2004|12:55pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello I'd like to claim:

"Voice" from Yuugiou
"Rakuen" from Yuugiou


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Songs Aplenty! [16 Sep 2004|06:21pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I would like to claim these three songs ^^

1. Prince of Tennis: Atobe Keigo ~ Cross With You

2. WeiB Kreuz - Stone Roses [ending theme]

3. Ghost In The Shell - Lithium Flower


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[11 Aug 2004|12:58pm]

[ mood | full ]

Hello~ I'd like to claim the following themes:

"Wild Drive" - Yu-Gi-Oh!
"Shuffle" - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Thank you!

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[02 Aug 2004|09:53pm]

Hullo! The theme songs I'd like to claim are:

1.Opening Theme for 'Doctor Who'
2."Groovy!", the ending theme for 'Card Captor Sakura'
3."Edge", the opening theme for ".hack//LIMITALITY"
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